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The Family That Lives With Elephants  (1973)

Elephants at close quarters

Together with his wife and children, zoologist and leading conservationist Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton spent five years in the beautiful Lake Manyara National Park studying the elephant population and attempting to solve overcrowding issues within the reserve.

Douglas-Hamilton’s deep love and respect of elephants placed him at the forefront of research into these intelligent and social creatures, allowing him to develop a detailed understanding of their group dynamics. Founder of the charity Save the Elephants, he spent years waging a war on the ivory trade, being instrumental in the 1989 CITES ban.

Inheriting his interest, his children are seen fearlessly embracing life in the African bush, catching snakes and tracking elephants. First introduced to an elephant aged six weeks his daughter Saba is now a well known conservationist and wildlife presenter in her own right.

Brimming with passion and enthusiasm, The Family That Lives With Elephants not only gives a glimpse into the life of his extraordinary family but also an intimate view into the personalities and emotions of their elephantine neighbours.

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Film credits

Associate Producer: Iain Douglas-Hamilton
Associate Producer: Oria Douglas-Hamilton
Dubbing Editor: Ramon Burrows
Dubbing Mixer: David Skilton
Film Editor: Leslie Parry
Narrator: Andrew Sachs
Photography: Dieter Plage
Photography: Christian Zuber
Producer: Aubrey Buxton
Production Controller: Mike Hay
Production Manager: Peter Schofield
Production Organisation: Survival Anglia Limited
Sound: Lee Lyon
Writer: Colin Willock
Growing up with elephants
Growing up with elephants
Elephants at close quarters
Elephants at close quarters
Observing elephants
Observing elephants