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The Savage Paradise : Cheetahs The Blood Brothers  (1993)

Alliances bound by ties of blood

A charismatic and incredibly dramatic account of the lifestyles and interrelationships of different cheetah groups on Africa's Serengeti plains, Cheetahs – The Blood Brothers documents a lone female, a mother and cubs, three dominant blood brothers, and a young set of twins.

Broadcast as part of the BBC's The Savage Paradise series, this fifty minute production employs the talents of world famous wildlife cameraman Hugo van Lawick. An outstanding example of his distinctive filming style, the cheetahs are presented as individual characters, their unique personalities brought to the forefront as the wet season approaches and tensions rise.

Stunning cinematography emphasises the harsh beauty of the wild Serengeti, with van Lawick skillfully building up the suspense as the different groups realise they are covering the same ground. Casting the blood brothers as the bandits of the piece, memorable footage details the trio as they swagger in unison across the dusty plains, the 'showdown' scene hugely reminiscent of those in old Western movies.

Powerful and perceptive, with a vivid sense of place, Cheetahs – The Blood Brothers offers an incredible insight into life in one of Africa's last great wildernesses.

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Copyright Holder: ITN Source
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United Kingdom
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Film credits

Editor: Mark Fletcher
Executive Producer: Michael Rosenberg
Producer: Hugo van Lawick
Director: Hugo van Lawick
Photography: Hugo van Lawick
Associated Broadcaster: Hugo van Lawick
Production: Vanessa Boeye
Sound: Ken Capper
Editor: Gus Christie
Dubbing Editor: Chris Godden
Narrator: Ian Holm
Writer: Brian Jackman
Writer: Nancy LeBrun
Photography: Ian McCarthy
Music: Jennie Muskett
Dubbing Mixer: David Old
Production: David Reed
Dubbing Editor: Lynne Robinson
Sound: Marguerite Smits van Oyen
Production: Marguerite Smits van Oyen
Music Mixer: Richard Whaley
Production Organisation: Partridge Films Limited
Associated Broadcaster: National Geographic Television & Film
Associated Broadcaster: HTV

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