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Land of Giants  (1992)

Also known as: Old Growth
Logging of rainforest

Intelligent and compelling, Land of Giants explores the towering trees and colossal canopies of the oldest conifer forest in the world. Snaking up the west coast of North America from California to Alaska, this diverse habitat has fallen victim to extensive logging - its very future now in jeopardy.

Made by Partridge Films, the production enlisted the talents of a number of award-winning cameramen, including the renowned photographer Alastair MacEwen. Skillfully highlighting the area’s diverse ecosystem, and how dependent it is on this unique and ancient habitat, their impressive photography draws attention to the sheer variety of life, detailing everything from banana slugs to cougars.

A powerful conservational piece, the politics and economics of forestry protection are interwoven with stunning footage of giant redwoods, Sitka spruces and the rare Pacific yew tree, the source of a potential anti-cancer drug. Beautifully filmed, Land of Giants is a poignant portrayal of a majestic wilderness as it faces an uncertain future

Film credits

Producer: Mike Birkhead
Writer: Mike Birkhead
Executive Producer: Michael Rosenberg
Photography: Alastair MacEwen
Editor: David Aliband
Executive Producer: Patrick Dromgoole
Narrator: Ian Holm
Additional Photography: Richard Kirby
Music Composer: Jennie Muskett
Editor: Andrew Naylor
Photography: David Shale
Sound Editor: Ann Tearle
Production: Linda Waddell
Dubbing Mixer: Richard Crosby
Production: Sonja Grimes
Production Manager: Jacqueline White
Assistant Producer: Ian Gray
Writer: Ian Gray
Photography: Shane Moore
Additional Photography: Anne Johnson
Sound Editor: Andy Netley
Production: Cheryl Thomas
Script Consultant: David Helton
Additional Music: The Jalapeno Pickers
Production Organisation: Partridge Films Limited
Associated Broadcaster: WNET 13, New York
Associated Broadcaster: HTV

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