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Jewels of the Caribbean Sea  (1994)

Opening sequence

Delving deep into the tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea, this Emmy award-winning production celebrates the region’s bountiful life and impressive diversity. World-famous marine photographers Howard and Michele Hall explore this vast underwater world, their stunning cinematography bringing to light both the area’s radiant beauty, and that of its abundant wildlife population.

From microscopic bacteria to mammoth manta rays, the couple used revolutionary underwater filming techniques to detail the tireless struggle for life in the vast and colourful coral cities. Using complex military rebreathers, Howard remained submerged for prolonged periods, capturing behaviour never before filmed. Baby sperm whales romp near the surface, barracudas prowl the murky depths and reef squid indulge in ritualistic visual combat.

An outstanding example of the couple’s adventurous filmmaking style, which Partridge Films’ founder, Mike Rosenburg described as “brilliant and intelligent”, Jewels of the Caribbean Sea is an intriguing insight into a fascinating underwater community.

Film credits

Additional Photography: Mark Conlin
Additional Photography: Marty Snyderman
Additional Photography: Rodger Jackman
Additional Photography: Chip Matheson
Administration Assistant: Nola Shrewsberry
Assistant Cameraman: Mark Conlin
Colourist: David Bernstein
Creative Consultant: Michael Rosenberg
Director: Howard Hall
Editor: Mark Fletcher
Executive Producer: Nicolas Noxon
Executive Producer: Tom Simon
Location Consultant: Sue Steere
Music Composer: Jennie Muskett
Music Conductor: Jennie Muskett
Narrator: Keith David
Photography: Howard Hall
Photography: Bob Cranston
Post Production Sound: Paul Schremp
Post Production Sound: Jon Taylor
Post Production Sound: Al Decker
Producer: Howard Hall
Producer: Michele Binder Hall
Production Organisation: National Geographic Television & Film
Re-editing Services: Maggie Noble
Re-editing Services: Victor Kanefsky
Re-editing Services: Valkhn Film & Video
Re-editing Supervisor: Liisa Lunden
Re-editing Supervisor: Vicky Lemont
Research Supervisor: Marjorie M. Moomey
Researcher: Marjorie M. Moomey
Script Editor: Marjorie M. Moomey
Senior Producer: Keenan Smart
Supervising Editor: Barry Nye
Writer: Nicolas Noxon
Opening sequence
Opening sequence