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Last Feast of the Crocodiles  (1995)

Young crocodile on hippo's back

An enthralling exploration of the 1991 South African drought, Last Feast of the Crocodiles focuses on the receding waters of the Limpopo River and the extraordinary social alterations this lack of water brought about.

An incredible portrait of nature at its harshest, award-winning wildlife filmmakers David and Carol Hughes captured behaviour never before seen on film. Surprising counter attacks on crocodiles are launched by baboons as they avenge the death of their young, and an odd alliance sees the young of these reptilian predators calmly basking on the backs of tolerant hippos.

The Hughes’ spectacular photography details the fearsome fight for water, as animals are forced to run the gauntlet of crocodiles to access this precious resource. Full of suspense, the production impressively showcases the rise in tensions that this tremendous drought induces. Impalas, elephants, lions and a whole host of animals cautiously approach the infested pools, desperate for water but trying to avoid being part of the crocodiles mammoth ‘last feast’.

Beautifully filmed, Last Feast of the Crocodiles is a thrilling account of the hierarchies formed and brutal battles fought in what was, ultimately, a futile search for water.

Film credits

Editor: David Hughes
Editor: Barry Nye
Executive Producer: Nicolas Noxon
Head of Natural History Unit: Keenan Smart
Photography: David Hughes
Photography: Carol Hughes
Producer: David Hughes
Producer: Carol Hughes
Production Organisation: National Geographic Television & Film
Re-editing Supervisor: David Triunfol
Writer: David Hughes
Writer: Carol Hughes

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Young crocodile on hippo's back
Young crocodile on hippo's back