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The Secret Life of Seahorses  (1996)


An engaging exploration of these unusual looking fish, this forty minute programme follows seahorse expert, passionate ichthyologist and leading conservationist Dr Amanda Vincent as she attempts to prevent the seahorses’ untimely extinction.

Shown as part of the BBC’s Q.E.D. strand, The Secret Life of Seahorses includes intriguing underwater footage of their mating rituals in the wild. The only species where the male becomes pregnant, close-up photography details the female injecting her eggs into her partner’s brood pouch.

Travelling around the world, Vincent investigates the seahorse trade in Hong Kong, tours Asia and tries to convince Philippino fisherman to cease their hunting. Winning the Conservation/Environment category at Wildscreen 1996, The Secret Life of Seahorses is a powerful preservation piece, credited with raising worldwide awareness of the plight of the seahorse.

Film credits

Associate Producer: Cynthia Page
Associated Broadcaster: WGBH - "NOVA"
Dubbing Mixer: Nick Mottishead
Film Editor: John Bignold
Narrator: David Attenborough
Photography: Michael Pitts
Photography: Malcolm Ludgate
Producer: Andrew Thompson
Production Assistant: Wendy Rees
Production Organisation: BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
Production Secretary: Maria Fernandez
Series Editor: Lorraine Heggessey
Sound: Mark Roberts
Sound: Robert Mackay
Unit Manager: Karen Woodward
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