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Great White Shark  (1994)

Also known as: Great White Shark: The True Story of Jaws
Opening sequence

The first ever film to concentrate on the behaviour of these powerful and formidable predators, Great White Shark: The True Story of Jaws is a fascinating celebration of these legendary creatures - majestic in their natural habitat.

Using revolutionary underwater filming techniques and taking advantage of new scientific discoveries, the BBC Natural History Unit captures footage never before recorded on film. For the first time sharks are filmed without using bait to draw them to the cages of cameramen, their terrifying attacks recorded in heart-stopping detail.

Stunning cinematography allows an intriguing glimpse into the sharks' psychology, showing them to be much more sophisticated than brutal 'man eaters', it exposes their highly paradoxical behaviour. Devastatingly efficient hunters they are shown to be cautious, shy and respectful of their highly-structured social order.

A groundbreaking production, Great White Shark: The True Story of Jaws provides an unrivalled insight into the day-to-day life of one of the world's most feared predators.

Film credits

Additional Photography: Greg Marshall
Additional Photography: Scot Anderson
Additional Photography: Mark Atkins
Assistant Producer: Chris McFarling
Assistant Producer: Susan McMillan
Associated Broadcaster: National Geographic Television & Film
Director: Paul Atkins
Dubbing Editor: Angela Groves
Dubbing Mixer: Graham Wild
Executive Producer: Keith Scholey
Film Editor: Martin Elsbury
Music Composer: Jennie Muskett
Narrator: David Attenborough
Photography: Paul Atkins
Photography: Peter Scoones
Photography: Doug Allan
Production Assistant: Catherine Nelson
Production Assistant: Clare Flegg
Production Organisation: BBC - Natural History Unit
Researcher: Michelle Thompson
Sound: Grace Atkins
Unit Manager: Nicky Spode
Writer: Thomas Atkins