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Animal Magic (1962-1984): Programme 77  (1965)

Tony Soper with a hand-reared badger for Animal Magic

Chimpanzees conducting tea parties, badgers scurrying around Glastonbury and clips from the award-winning Disney film That Darn Cat, Episode 77 was a fun-filled animal extravaganza typical of the long running series, Animal Magic.

Combining gentle story-telling with slapstick comedy, the show's lighthearted format earned it a reputation as one of Britain's best loved children's television programmes. Presented by the energetic 'Zookeeper Morris', Animal Magic provided a whole generation with a keener understanding of animals, their needs and their intriguing behaviour.

Animal Magic: 77 is a memorable episode of the hugely popular show, where for over twenty years, Johnny Morris talked to the animals, and incredibly, they 'spoke' back.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: BBC - Natural History Unit
Address: c/o BBC Motion Gallery
Room E251
80 Wood Lane
W12 0TT
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8433 2861 / 2

Film credits

Presenter: Johnny Morris
Production Organisation: BBC - Natural History Unit

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Tony Soper with a hand-reared badger for Animal Magic
Tony Soper with a hand-reared badger for...