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Walk into the Parlour: The Spiders of Britain (1966)

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Wrapping a wasp parcel

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: Patricia Harvey-Thompson
Address: La Cour du Verger
87140 Roussac
Telephone: 0033 (0) 555602395

Film credits

Director: Gerald Thompson
Director: Eric R. Skinner
Film Editor: Betty Block
Film Editor: Phil Mutton
Music: Richard Adeney
Music: John Marson
Music: Kenneth Mobbs
Music: Stephen Whittaker
Music Composer: Sidney Sager
Narrator: Alan Gibson
Photography: Gerald Thompson
Photography: Eric R. Skinner
Presenter: Keith Hopkins
Production Organisation: BBC - Natural History Unit
Scientific Advisor: John Cooke
Series Editor: Anthony Isaacs
Series Editor: Christopher Parsons
Webs of intricate beauty
Webs of intricate beauty
Positions of danger
Positions of danger
Wrapping a wasp parcel
Wrapping a wasp parcel