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Crocodile River: The Tides of Kirawira  (1994)

Serengeti, home of the last great herds

Winner of two Panda awards at Wildscreen 1994, Crocodile River: The Tides of Kirawira is an absorbing exploration of the seasonal pools that litter the parched Serengeti plains. Stunning cinematography from the renowned filmmakers, Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone, records the daily drama and intrigue that unfolds in these shallow ‘ponds’ as the resident clam, fish and crabs are forced to adopt intricate survival strategies.

A seasonal lifeline for all the creatures of Kirawira, these little pockets swell as the rain sweeps in. As the surging torrents race along they join up to once again form the living Grumeti river. Larger animals arrive, playing their part in the seasonal drama as they risk the wrath of Africa’s biggest crocodiles to drink from the river’s rich water supply.

An outstanding study of a fragile ecosystem, this hour long Survival Special covers the hardships encountered as the dry season again approaches and this important oasis begins to ebb away. Under the guidance of world-famous wildlife filmmaker Alan Root, executive producer of this piece, Deeble and Stone cover everything from tiny crabs to stampeding wildebeest, an evocative account of a temporary haven.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: ITN Source
Address: 200 Gray's Inn Road
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 430 4480

Film credits

Associated Broadcaster: National Geographic Television & Film
Dubbing Mixer: Trevor Barber
Executive Producer: Alan Root
Field Assistant: Norbert Rottcher
Field Assistant: Mahemba Shebani
Field Assistant: Teddy Lyimo
Film Editor: Mark Anderson
Music: Guy Michelmore
Narrator: Ian Holm
Photography: Mark Deeble
Photography: Victoria Stone
Post Production: Alan Bray
Producer: Mark Deeble
Producer: Victoria Stone
Production Controller: Peter Schofield
Production Organisation: Survival Anglia Limited
Writer: Mark Deeble
Writer: Victoria Stone

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