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Men among Sharks  (1942)

Also known as: Menschen unter Haien
Hans Hass filming for Menschen unter Haien

In an early portrayal of the Aegean Sea, marine expert, bestselling author and award-winning Austrian underwater photographer Hans Hass pioneers a new method of diving. Using self-contained diving equipment in conjunction with flippers, he explores caves and sheltered environments detailing a wealth of marine life that was previously inaccessible.

Commenting “I had become an amphibious being”, the production details Hass and his team as they try out the new technology, silently moving through the water, they are surrounded by exotic fish, sponges and manta rays.

Stunning footage of sharks includes memorable scenes of these highly evolved predators as they circle, feasting upon the dead fish thrown up by illegal dynamiting. Menschen unter Haien (Men among Sharks) was Hass’ first full feature film, and in initiating a change from the traditional ‘walk-diving’, it provided a ground-breaking view of the underwater world.

Menschen unter Haien is available as part of the POLARFILM Hans Hass Klassic-Edition.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: POLARFILM

Film credits

Camera: Hans Hass
Director: Hans Hass
Music: Herbert Windt

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Hans Hass filming for Menschen unter Haien
Hans Hass filming for Menschen unter Haien