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No Room for Wild Animals  (1956)

Also known as: Kein Platz für Wilde Tiere
Hunting safari in Africa

In the depths of the Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of Congo), renowned naturalist and passionate animal welfare activist Bernhard Grzimek explores the prolific safari hunting trade.

A powerful conservation piece, Kein Platz für Wilde Tiere (No Room for Wild Animals) protests the indiscriminate slaughter of Africa’s wild animals, showing the horrors inflicted on the defenceless creatures. This award-winning production showcases elephants, zebras, wildebeest, and giraffes, with impressive photography detailing a wealth of animal life and providing an intriguing insight into the little seen pygmy population of Ituri people.

Together with his son Michael, Grzimek lashes out at the hunting industry stressing the need to protect some of our most persecuted creatures. Although met at the time with a backlash of criticism, Kein Platz für Wilde Tiere’s stern warning has long since been proved valid, and indeed remains so to this very day.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: OKAPIA KG
Address: Roederbergweg 168
60385 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: +49 (0)69 94 34 40 0

Film credits

Animation: Atelier H. Koch
Camera: Michael Grzimek
Camera: Herbert Lander
Director: Bernhard Grzimek
Director: Michael Grzimek
Editor: Klaus Dudenhöfer
Executive Producer: Michael Grzimek
Graphics: Heinz Kuntze-Just
Music: Wolfgang Zeller
Narrator: Carleton Young
Producer: Bernhard Grzimek
Sound Editor: Real Film GmbH
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Hunting safari in Africa
Hunting safari in Africa