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Serengeti Shall Not Die  (1959)

Also known as: Serengeti Darf Nicht Sterben
Animals of the African plains

Described by legendary wildlife filmmaker Alan Root as, “perhaps the best-known and most influential wildlife film ever made”, Serengeti Darf Nicht Sterben (Serengeti Shall Not Die) is an intimate and evocative account of the wildebeests’ yearly migration.

Hoping one day the legal boundaries of Serengeti National Park would encompass the entire movement of these massive herds, renowned German conservationist Professor Bernhard Grzimek, and his son Michael, researched the route of the thundering herds. Serengeti Darf Nicht Sterben is widely credited with alerting the world to the plight of Africa's wildlife, the Grzimek’s aerial census bringing to life the dwindling numbers of numerous species.

A deeply moving portrayal, a young Alan Root was brought on board to help with filming, and eventually finished the film after Michael’s tragic death. Skillfully highlighting the epic beauty of this varied land, and the desperate need to protect its majestic inhabitants, the production was awarded an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature in 1959. Despite The Motion Picture Academy reportedly threatening to deny the award unless two lines of narration, pleading for the preservation of nature, were omitted, it is now well remembered for its powerful conservation message.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: OKAPIA KG
Address: Roederbergweg 168
60385 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: +49 (0)69 94 34 40 0

Film credits

Animation: Atelier H. Koch
Camera: Richard Graf
Camera: Herman Gimbel
Camera: Alan Root
Director: Bernhard Grzimek
Director of Photography: Michael Grzimek
Film Editor: Klaus Dudenhöfer
Music: Wolfgang Zeller
Narrator: Holger Hagen
Narrator: Bernhard Grzimek
Sound: Robert Fehrmann
Sound: Werner Pohl
Sound Editor: Real Film GmbH

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