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Fragile Earth: Enemies of the Oak  (1989)

Life and death of an oak tree

Examining the delicate ecological balance this large deciduous tree generates, Enemies of the Oak is an intriguing portrayal of a year in the life of a mature English Oak.

With the impressive backdrop of the changing seasons, stunning technical photography from Sean Morris explores the three hundred insect species that inhabit and feed on this magnificent tree. Renowned for their thorough and academic approach to nature filming, Oxford Scientific Films brings to life a world fraught with enemies, offering an in-depth insight into the oak’s artful natural defenses.

Providing an absorbing glimpse into an ecosystem many of us overlook, Enemies of the Oak is a comprehensive account of a complex community.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: Oxford Scientific Films Ltd.
Address: 47 Marylebone Lane
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7317 1330

Film credits

Assistant Producer: Karen Bishop
Associated Broadcaster: Anglia TV
Dubbing Mixer: Ted Spooner
Film Editor: Ramon Burrows
Music Composer: Guy Michelmore
Narrator: Michael Hordern
Photography: Sean Morris
Photography: Tim Shepherd
Photography: David Shale
Photography: David Houghton
Producer: Sean Morris
Production Organisation: Oxford Scientific Films Ltd.
Writer: Brian Jackman
Writer: Sean Morris

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Sean Morris
Investing in the future
Investing in the future
Oak trees under siege
Oak trees under siege
Life and death of an oak tree
Life and death of an oak tree