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Bugworld: War of Two Worlds  (2002)

Humans - living in bugworld

Winner of two awards at Wildscreen 2002, War of Two Worlds takes an in-depth and alternative look at the 'unwanted' animals that infest our lives.

Through the world-famous technical cinematography of Oxford Scientific Films, the film brings to life the human side of entomology. Providing intriguing insight into life on the wing, much of the production was filmed at 5,000 frames per second, with impressive ultra-high-speed photography slowing down the rapid actions of these insects.

An entertaining exploration of bug activities in the outdoors, indoors and even on our bodies, award-winning producer David Allen made use of the latest CGI technology, compositing realistic backgrounds onto his comprehensive macroscopic footage.

Incorporating mugshots of 'bad' insects on wanted posters, and the complete obliteration of Australia by cowpats to emphasize the importance of dung beetles, the production's diverting format proved hugely popular when it was broadcast as part of a two-part special on Channel 4.

Providing an intriguing glimpse into the "bugs eye view" of the world, War of Two Worlds brings to light the huge range and astonishing skills possessed by our insect friends.

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Film credits

Additional Photography: Steve Downer
Executive Producer: Petra Regent
Executive Producer: Sean Morris
Film Editor: Charles Davis
Additional Photography: Richard Kirby
Photography: Tim Shepherd
Script Consultant: Rupert Barrington
Additional Photography: Neil Bromhall
Camera and Field Assistant: Mark MacEwen
Production Manager: Annie Thomas
Music: William Lovelady
Director: David Allen
Series Producer: David Allen
Additional Directing: Patrick Prentice
Additional Photography: Michael Dillon
Additional Photography: Keith Brust
Narrator: Zam Baring
Photography: James Reardon
Additional Photography: Greg Parish
Sound Recordist: B. Cecil-Wright
Sound Recordist: Gerrard Wilson
Sound Recordist: David Spinner
Sound Recordist: Michael Cottrell
Sound Recordist: Julius A. Evans
Sound Recordist: Chris Gurney
Sound Recordist: Paul Lord
Sound Recordist: Anton Gold
Sound Recordist: Ron Hyatt
Sound Recordist: Mark Atkinson
Sound Recordist: Pat Moriart
Camera and Field Assistant: James Aldred
Camera and Field Assistant: Jeff Mattson
Camera and Field Assistant: Andrea Lucky
Dubbing Mixer: Matt Skilton
Online Editor: Simon Giblin
Special Effects: Victor Riva
Animal Handler: Warwick Vern
Researcher: Robert Neil
Production Accountant: Eva Hedges
Production Accountant: Jo Laurie
Additional Directing: Rod Parker
Additional Directing: Harvey Jones
Assistant Producer: Rebecca Cecil-Wright
Assistant Producer: Dan Maslen
Director: Anna Fitch
Executive Producer: Phil Fairclough
Production Organisation: Oxford Scientific (OSF)
Production Organisation: Granada Wild
Associated Broadcaster: The Learning Channel
Associated Broadcaster: Survival Anglia Limited
Humans - living in bugworld
Humans - living in bugworld
Battles against super-organisms
Battles against super-organisms
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Human technology under threat