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World Wise : A Thousand Million Million Ants  (1985)

The undercover life of ants

Journeying throughout Australia, Costa Rica and the UK, this hour long show, produced by the renowned Oxford Scientific Films, examines the lifestyles and inter-relationships of five ant species.

Screened as part of Channel 4's World Wise series, A Thousand Million Million Ants brings to life the extraordinary world of ants, with impressive technical photography providing an in-depth appraisal of ant ecology, behaviour and social structure.

Army ants move in huge colonies attacking prey en masse, whilst weaver ants build elaborate nests out of leaves, and leaf-cutter ants cultivate fungus in an amazing symbiotic relationship.

A Thousand Million Million Ants is a vivid and comprehensive exploration of these intriguing and hardy insects, with stunning macro-cinematography capturing their complex relationships and incredible teamwork.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: Oxford Scientific Films Ltd.
Address: 47 Marylebone Lane
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7317 1330

Film credits

Associated Broadcaster: Anglia TV
Biological Research: Karen Bishop
Dubbing Mixer: Ted Spooner
Film Editor: Robin Inger
Narrator: Malcolm Stoddard
Photography: David Thompson
Photography: Oxford Scientific Films Ltd.
Photography: Mantis Wildlife Films
Producer: Malcolm Penny
Production Organisation: Oxford Scientific Films Ltd.
Scientific Advisor: David Stradling
Writer: Malcolm Penny
Sewing up the seams
Sewing up the seams
Armies of ants
Armies of ants
The undercover life of ants
The undercover life of ants