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Wildlife on One (1977 - 2005): The Water Walkers  (1981)

Wildscreen Film Entry, 1982

In the miniature world at the surface of Britain's ponds and streams, the laws of physics take on new dimensions.  here, water bends and surface tension is a fearful force.  For most small creatures, the water surface is a fatal trap.  But a few...Pondskaters and Swampspiders, Whirligigs and Water boatmen have mastered its peculiar problems.

Film credits

Camera: London Scientific Films
Director: Pelham Aldrich-Blake
Dubbing: Andy Nelson
Editor: Hugh Tasman
Music: Edward Williams
Narrator: David Attenborough
Producer: Pelham Aldrich-Blake
Production Organisation: BBC - Natural History Unit
Script: Pelham Aldrich-Blake
Sound: London Scientific Films
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1982
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1982