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The Singing Apes of Kao Yai  (1989)

This is an intimate look at the life of one family of gibbons and a very special lifestyle that revolves around song.  Filmed high in the treetops we follow a family of four - an adult male and female, their one year old baby and their eight year old son, soon to leave home.  How good his singing is will reflect on his success in finding a partner and establishing new land of his own.  But gibbons also face another threat to their success as young animals - poaching.

Winner of a "Special Award" at the Wildscreen Film Festival "Panda" awards ceremony held in Bristol, UK, 1990

Film credits

Editor: Mark Fletcher
Producer: Michael Rosenberg
Camera: James Gray
Music: Jennie Muskett
Narrator: Ian Holm
Script: Michael Dean
Director: Sarah Cunliffe
Camera: Richard Davies
Sound: Keith Desmond
Sound: Alex Brown
Production Organisation: Partridge Films Limited
Wildscreen Special Award, 1990
Wildscreen Special Award, 1990
"The Singing Apes of Khao Yai" wins an award,...