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Oral History: John Buxton 

John Buxton

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Interview details

Location:  Horsey, Norfolk, UK
Date:  21 March 2010
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Cameraman: Daniel Spencer
Interviewer: Eddie Anderson
Interviewee: John Buxton
Copyright Holder: Wildscreen


1. The early years
2. First professional film
3. Filming in Africa
4. Filming in Iran
5. Working with David Cobham
6. Working with other cameramen
7. Filming cranes and marsh harriers
8. Reflections on modern wildlife filmmaking
9. The cranes at Horsey
10. The wildlife filmmaking industry
11. Whales, bison and leopards
The early years
1: The early years
First professional film
2: First professional film
Filming in Africa
3: Filming in Africa
Filming in Iran
4: Filming in Iran
Working with David Cobham
5: Working with David Cobham
Working with other cameramen
6: Working with other cameramen
Filming cranes and marsh harriers
7: Filming cranes and marsh harriers
Reflections on modern wildlife filmmaking
8: Reflections on modern wildlife filmmakin...
The cranes at Horsey
9: The cranes at Horsey
The wildlife filmmaking industry
10: The wildlife filmmaking industry
Whales, bison and leopards
11: Whales, bison and leopards