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Lars Åby
Lars Åby was Swedish independent film-maker and producer.  He filmed in the Arctic since 1962.  Most productions that he made...
Birt Acres
George Adamson
Phil Agland
A renowned director, producer and cameraman, Phil Agland has been responsible for a number of critically acclaimed natural history documentaries....
Edwin Ahbe
Carl Akeley
A man of many talents, Carl Akeley was a prolific taxidermist, sculptor, explorer and inventor. Born in 1864 Carl grew up on a farm and took...
Jan Aldenhoven
Doug Allan
A respected and award-winning wildlife cameraman, Doug Allan has spent over twenty years filming in some of the planet's toughest and most extreme...
Hans Christian Alsvik
Renowned Norwegian wildlife film maker Hans Christian Alsvik developed an interest in the natural world as a small child. Hans Christian's first...
Michael Andrews
Darwin R. Apel
Eric Ashby
A hugely respected wildlife photographer, Eric Ashby provided a pioneering view of the British countryside with his work revolutionising the...
John Atkinson
David Attenborough
David Attenborough's broadcasting career began in 1952, when he joined the BBC as a trainee producer. His early work involved producing live...
Richard Baker
Peter Bale
Renowned filmmaker specialising in outside broadcast, Peter Bale joined the BBC in 1943, aged 16. He worked his way up from probationary technical...
Des Bartlett
Des Bartlett's encyclopaedic knowledge of wildlife and his extraordinary patience while filming has led him to become one of the most successful...
Jen Bartlett
Jen Bartlett first became involved in wildlife filmmaking after marrying Des Bartlett in 1956. With her father a very keen stills photographer,...
Peter Bassett
Tony Beamish
Naresh Bedi
Patrick Beech
One of the early characters at the BBC's Broadcasting House, Bristol, Pat Beech spent many years as assistant head of west regional programmes....
Carsten Behrendt-Poulson
Damian Bell
David Bellamy
David Bellamy is an English botanist whose distinctive voice and friendly persona have made him one of the most prominent personalities in wildlife...
Gordon Beningfield
Robert Bentley
Claus Bering
Frances Berrigan
Lyndon Bird
A long-serving BBC sound recordist, Lyndon (Dickie) Bird started work at the BBC in the early 1960s. Initially working in London, he soon moved...
Mike Birkhead
Guy Blanchard
Betty Block
Ion Bostan
Romanian Documentary film-maker and Judge at Wildscreen Film Festival 1982
Jeffery Hugh Richard Boswall
One of the great characters of the BBC Natural History Unit (NHU) and one of its longest serving producers to date, Jeffery Boswall is a keen...
James Bourgeois
Derek Bousé
Derek Bousé is a scholar and an academic. His in-depth book, Wildlife Films (2000), charts and evaluates the wildlife filmmaking industry...
John Bradley
Jeremy Bradshaw
Dilys Breese
One of the early producers for the BBC Natural History Unit (NHU) and a dedicated wildlife conservationist, Dilys Breese was brought up in Wales,...
Michael Bright
Barrie Britton
Richard Brock
Renowned wildlife television producer, Richard Brock gained international recognition for his work on Attenborough's seminal Life triology. Having...
Stan Edmunde Brock
Neil Bromhall
Robin Brown
Robin Brown grew up in Southern Rhodesia and from a young age has been interested and involved in wildlife conservation. Following university...
Ashley Bruce
Andrew Buchanan
One of the most prolific wildlife film producers of our time, Andrew Buchanan was not initially interested in natural history on entering the...
John F. Burton
Head of the BBC Sound Library for more than 20 years, John Burton first became interested in wildlife at the age of nine, his curiosity fuelled...
Aubrey Buxton
A co-founder of Anglia Television, Aubrey Buxton entered broadcasting presenting Countryman on regional television in the late 1950s. In 1959...
Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell had a long and wide-ranging involvement with wildlife broadcasting, introducing numerous programmes and spending three years as...
Robert Ian Martin Campbell
A renowned natural history cameraman and photographer, Bob Campbell was born in England in 1930 and raised in Kitale, Kenya. Although Bob had...
George Cansdale
A popular presenter of 1950s animal shows, George Soper Cansdale was the superintendent of the London Zoological Society from 1948-1953. Born...
Patrick Carey
Sue Carpenter
Glen Carruthers
Shibani Chaudhury
Densey Clyne
David Cobham
Martyn Colbeck
Christine Collins
Peter Copeland
Peter Copeland was a passionate and prolific sound engineer, working on a large number of wildlife films throughout his long and varied career....
Jacques-Yves Cousteau
An underwater explorer and early marine photographer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau used television to open the sea up to millions of landlocked viewers....
Jean-Michel Cousteau
Adrian Cowell
Tim Cowling
Robin Crane
Rufus Creed
Graham Creelman
Nicholas Crocker
A highly respected and long-standing producer for the BBC's Natural History Unit (NHU), Nicholas Crocker was the first full-time member of production...
Alistair Crocker
Jim Cryan
Jim Cryan was a longstanding and successful BBC film editor, working on a variety of documentaries from the 1960s through to the 1980s. His...
Sarah Cunliffe
Barbara Dancey
Bruce Davidson
Nicola Davies
Éamon de Buitléar
Éamon de Buitléar was a writer and film-maker.  Born in Dublin  he grew up in County Wicklow, his home next to a salmon...
Mark Deeble
Mike deGruy
A specialist in underwater photography, Mike deGruy’s career at the forefront of marine filmmaking has taken him to some of the world’s...
Armand Denis
One of the pioneers of commercial wildlife television, Armand Denis, joined by wife Michaela, saw in a new age of natural history programming...
Michaela Denis
One of the glamorous icons of 1950s wildlife filmmaking, Michaela Holdsworth first became involved in wildlife filmmaking after marrying Armand...
Ronald Devillier
Ronald Devillier is the founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Devillier Donegan Enterprises. He began his career in 1970 at KERA-TV...
William Kennedy Laurie Dickson
Martin Dohrn
John Downer
A renowned producer/director of wildlife films, John Downer is best known for his groundbreaking filming techniques. Starting his professional...
Patrick Dromgoole
Nikolai Drozdov
Clare Duggan
H.R.H. Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh
Francis Martin Duncan
Chris Dunkley
John Dunn
Gerald Durrell
A pioneering conservationist and wildlife author, Gerald Durrell was born in India where he quickly developed a passion for animals and was often...
Sylvia Earle
Ronald Eastman
Martin Elsbury
Natalie Emlen
Hugh Falkus
An acclaimed wildlife filmmaker and naturalist, Hugh Falkus was born in Surrey in 1917. Entering into wildlife filmmaking from an extraordinarily...
George Fenton
Peter Fiddick
Judith Fieth
Maurice Fisher
James Fisher
A distinguished ornithologist and wildlife broadcaster, James' interest in birds developed at a young age, encouraged by his father, and inspired...
Mark Fletcher
Franziska Flueckiger
Wladyslaw Forbert
Alastair Fothergill
One of the leading producers of modern day natural history television programmes, Alastair Fothergill grew up passionate about animals and set...
Frédéric Fougea
Jim Frazier
Charles Furneaux
Warren Garst
Frank Gillard
The driving force behind much of the West region’s radio and television success, Frank Gillard spent a long and successful career in the...
Dione Gilmour
Dione Gilmour is a renowned producer of wildlife films who has spent a large portion of her career heading the Natural History Unit of the Australian...
Jane Goodall
Jane has been described as a conservationist, ethologist, primatologist and educator to name but a few. Born in London in 1934, Jane’s...
Nick Gordon
Trevor Gosling
Richard Goss
Hidemro Goto
Wilf Gray
Brice Grunden
Bernhard Grzimek
Gerry Guldenschuh
Niels Halbertsma
Neils Halbertsma has had a long and varied career in the wildlife film industry, dating back to 1957. He worked as a cameraman with Armand Denis,...
Clive Hall
Howard Hall
One of the most prominent names in marine filmmaking, Howard Hall is an award-winning underwater film producer and cinematographer. Howard qualified...
Michele Binder Hall
In 1990, Michele left her 19 year career as a paediatric nurse to work with her husband, renowned marine cinematographer Howard Hall. Their formidable...
Christina Hamilton
Rolf Harris
Jean Hartley
Jean Hartley is a highly regarded ‘fixer’ and facilitator of documentary film crews in Kenya. Educated in both Africa and England,...
John Hartley
Hans Hass
A pioneer not only of underwater photography and filming, but also of diving itself, Hans Hass took his first underwater photographs in 1938,...
Lotte Hass
Lotte Baierl's interest in the underwater world first materialised on taking up the position as secretary to Hans Hass in 1943. However, Hans...
Ivan Hattingh
Desmond Hawkins
Desmond Hawkins was appointed to the BBC by Frank Gillard in 1945 to concentrate on making natural history based programming. Already an established...
Mike Hay
A former head of Anglia Television's prestigious wildlife documentary series Survival, Mike Hay's entrance into filmmaking began with a nine...
Alan Hayward
Janine Hedley
Robin Hellier
Peter Hicks
Walter Higham
One of the pioneers of ornithological filmmaking, Walter Higham enjoyed a long and successful career in wildlife cinematography. Capturing sequences...
Jeremy Hogarth
Martha Holmes
Carol Hughes
David Hughes
A highly respected and experienced wildlife filmmaker, David Hughes started his career as a biologist.  Keen to get involved in natural...
Masaru Ikeo
An award-winning producer and executive producer of natural history films for more than 35 years, Masaru Ikeo began his filmmaking career in...
Steve Irwin
The late Steve Irwin was a much loved, if somewhat controversial, television presenter, renowned for his passion for crocodiles and other reptiles....
Anthony Isaacs
Rodger Jackman
Leslie Jackman
One of the first children's wildlife presenters on the BBC, Les Jackman was also devoted to promoting the appreciation of local marine life within...
Pamela Jackson
Carl Henrik Jensen
Martin E. Johnson
One of the main forces behind the popularity of early safari films, Martin Johnson developed a passion for photography whilst working...
Osa Johnson nee Leighty
One of the main forces behind the popularity of early safari films, Osa Leighty's interest in travel and photography first...
Michael Johnston
Peter Jones
Co-founder of Green Umbrella Productions, Peter Jones became interested in the natural world whilst working as a young director at Granada in...
Nick Jones
Aban Marker Kabraji
Dennis B. Kane
Fred Kaufman
Cherry Kearton
One of the earliest pioneers of wildlife photography and filmmaking, Cherry Kearton developed a deep love of the natural world during his upbringing...
Richard Kearton
Ned Kelly
Michael Kendall
Mike Kendall's first foray into natural history broadcasting was as the keeper at London Zoo. He handed George Cansdale his subjects from their...
Red Killimett
Simon King
Richard Kirby
Martin Kiszko
Composer, conductor and musician, Martin Kiszko first became interested in natural history and music from a very young age. His father, a Polish...
Maxwell Knight
Ludwig Koch
One of the pioneers of wildlife sound recording, Ludwig Koch developed a keen interest in the field at a young age, when his father returned...
Walter Köhler
Walter studied journalism at Vienna University before joining ORF as a freelance producer, writer and director. He began working on natural history...
Robert Koslow
Yoshihisa Kubota
David Lambert Lack
Charles Lagus BSC.
In 1986 Charles Lagus was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Panda" for his services to wildlife film-making by the Wildscreen International...
Mark Lamble
Bo Landin
Robert K. Landis
Jan Leeming
Brian Leith
David Leonard
Tim Liversedge
George Lovering
Louis Lumière
Auguste Lumière
Liz Maartens
Henk Maartens
Alastair MacEwen
After studying Zoology at University, Alastair quickly realised that he wanted to follow a career that allowed him to spend a lot of time in...
Bert Main
Michael Male
Donald D. Manelli
Nigel Marven
Hugh Maynard
Ian McCarthy
Michael McKinnon
Don Meier
Hugh Miles
Hugh Miles is a highly successful filmmaker who has dedicated his career to making films that benefit wildlife. An award-winning cinematographer,...
Stephen Mills
Ace Moore
Desmond Morris
Renowned ethologist and author, Desmond Morris first became involved in wildlife filmmaking in 1956 when Sidney Bernstein, head of Granada TV,...
Johnny Morris
The much-loved presenter of Animal Magic, Johnny Morris began a long and successful broadcasting career after being discovered by renowned BBC...
Sean Morris
One of the founding members of Oxford Scientific Films (OSF), Sean Morris has spent over three decades working in the wildlife filmmaking industry....
Geoffrey Mulligan
One of the early, pioneering cameramen, Geoffrey Mulligan’s wildlife filmmaking ambitions began at the tender age of eight when he was...
Jane Murago-Munene
James (Jim) Murray
James Murray began his professional broadcasting career in 1957 as a radio producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). With what...
Jan Musch
Jennie Muskett
Eadweard Muybridge
Known as the 'father of the motion picture', Eadweard Muybridge's early photographic experiments laid the foundation for modern cinema, with...
Otto Naess
Andrew Naylor
Andrew Neal
Ernest Gordon Neal
Ole Neesgaard
Owen Newman
Neil Nightingale
Nicolas Noxon
Terry Nutkins
Leif Nyton
Bill Oddie
Kazuo Okada
Ben Osborne
Chris Packham
Barry Ernest Paine
Well known for his narrations of BBC wildlife programmes, Barry Paine was also a producer, lecturer, science writer and actor.  As well...
John Paling
One of the founding members of Oxford Scientific Films (OSF), John Paling has made over fifty wildlife documentaries across the world. John studied...
Mike Pandey
David Parer
Elizabeth Parer-Cook
Peter Parks
A founding partner of Oxford Scientific Films (OSF), world renowned natural history photographer Peter Parks studied zoology at Oxford University,...
Glenn Parrish
Leslie Parry
Christopher Parsons
Born the son of a country parson, Christopher Parsons' passion for the natural world developed whilst growing up in a Devonshire valley. After...
Charles Patey
Julian Pettifer
Julian Pettifer was born in 1935 and grew up in the Wiltshire countryside. These early surroundings, combined with his father’s interest...
Maggie Philbin
Oliver Gregory Pike
One of the earliest pioneers of wildlife photography and filmmaking, Oliver Pike started capturing stills of flowers and birds from an early...
Michael Pitts
Mary Plage
Mary began her professional life working in a bank in Bath, UK, with her adventures into wildlife filmmaking beginning in 1975, when she met...
Dieter Plage
An award-winning Survival cameraman, Dieter Plage was renowned for his dedication, always going to great lengths to capture unique wildlife footage....
Tom Poore
A long-standing BBC editor, Tom Poore developed a strong fascination with radio as a child. On reaching adulthood, he walked out of his first...
Mike Potts
Christopher Ralling
Paul Reddish
Richard (Dick) Reinauer
Mike Richards
Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente
Joan Root
An adventurous filmmaker and lifelong conservationist, Joan Thorpe was born in Kenya in 1936. Passionate about wildlife, Joan joined her father...
Alan Root
World renowned wildlife filmmaker Alan Root was born in London but moved to Kenya at a young age. Leaving school at 16, Alan tried his hand at...
Michael Rosenberg
One of the most famous filmmakers of recent years and the founder of the world renowned Partridge Films, Michael (Mike) Rosenberg was brought...
Georg Ruppell
Mike Salisbury
One of the most renowned and respected BBC Natural History Unit (NHU) film producers, Mike Salisbury's fascination with the natural world developed...
Jim Saunders
Martin Saunders
Regarded by many as being one of the most experienced and well-travelled cameramen of the wildlife film genre, Martin Saunders has captured some...
Georg Schimanski
Keith Scholey
Peter Scoones
Jonathan Scott
Philippa Scott
Philippa Scott first became involved in wildlife filmmaking after marrying Peter Scott, naturalist and founder of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust...
Peter Markham Scott
A true polymath, Peter Scott was a world-famous ornithologist, conservationist, painter, broadcaster, and sportsman. Born in London, Peter was...
Keith Shackleton
Ben Sharpsteen
Tim Shepherd
Ralph Champion Shotter
Heinz Sielmann
Nicknamed 'Mr Woodpecker' in the UK, Heinz Sielmann first became familiar to British audiences after his celebrated woodpecker film, Zimmerleute...
Eric R. Skinner
Joe Slattery
Keenan Smart
Percy Smith
A distinguished pioneer of scientific filmmaking, Percy Smith was born in London in 1880. Working as a clerk at the Board of Education, Percy...
Tony Soper
A co-founder of the BBC's Natural History Unit, Tony Soper's first involvement with natural history broadcasting was working with Desmond Hawkins...
Kari Soveri
John Sparks
One of the longest serving producers at the BBC Natural History Unit (NHU) John Sparks spent 35 years with the Corporation, running the Unit...
David Spears
Madeleine Spears
Howard Stableford
Robbie Stamp
Tom Stobart
Adventurer and pioneering cameraman, Tom Stobart began his career as a zoologist. Keen to nurture his photography skills, he worked in documentaries...
Victoria Stone
Martin Luther (Marty) Stouffer
Michaela Strachan
David Suzuki
David Suzuki is a highly regarded and award-winning scientist, broadcaster and environmental campaigner. As a third generation Japanese-Canadian...
Rudolf Svetecky
David Thompson
Gerald Thompson
One of the founding members of Oxford Scientific Films (OSF), Gerald first became interested in wildlife film-making whilst working as a lecturer...
Gavin Thurston
Maurice Tibbles
A prolific wildlife cameraman, Maurice Tibbles' career stretched over three decades and included work for numerous organisations including Survival,...
Nikolaas Tinbergen
Tys Tinbergen
David Tombs
Ivan Lawrence Tors
Simon Trevor
Simon Trevor’s passion and dedication to Africa’s wildlife has led him to produce many award-winning films, and play an important...
Hugo van Lawick
For more than thirty years, Hugo van Lawick lived and worked alongside the wildlife of the African plains, filming many of the animals that live...
Andrew Veitch
Marco Visalberghi
Oliver Wallace
Adrian Neil Warren
Adrian Warren is an award-winning producer, director and cinematographer of natural history films. Growing up in Surrey, Adrian enjoyed exploring...
Caroline "Baker" Weaver
Graham Wild
Edward Williams
A prolific British documentary composer, Edward Williams is responsible for some of the most memorable music scores from many of the BBC’s...
Colin Willock
A pioneer of Anglia Television's flagship wildlife documentary series Survival, Colin Willock was born in Finchley, north London, where a science...
John Wood
Barbara York-Main
Stanislaw Yosef-Bronikowski
Writer, explorer and filmmaker.  Bronikowski studied at the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw and the School of Journalism. ...
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