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Education resources

Welcome to the education section of WildFilmHistory. This section contains downloadable multi-media learning resources ideal for cross curricula use in Film & Media Studies, English and Citizenship.

powerpoint Rough Guide to the History of Wildlife Filmmaking
File size: 220MB

"Rough Guide to the History of Wildlife Filmmaking" takes students on a journey to see the pioneering personalities, landmark productions and technical revolutions that have created the wildlife film genre as we know it today. Packed with film clips and questions , this module gives an excellent overview of this unique genre.

This resource includes teacher’s background notes for the "Rough Guide to the History of Wildlife Filmmaking".

powerpoint Ethics In Wildlife Filmmaking
File size: 73MB

“Ethics in Wildlife Filmmaking” is perfect for generating debate in the classroom. Exploring many of the ethical issues that wildlife filmmakers face when making their films, this resource is packed full of film clips and thought-provoking questions guaranteed to generate discussion.

IMPORTANT: Please read before downloading:

The multi-media resources available here to download are zipped folders containing a PowerPoint presentation and a number of video files. The resource folder must be unzipped (extracted) and saved on your computer in order for the presentation and video files to play properly. See here for help with this.

The files available here are very large, due to their embedded high quality video content.

Downloading instructions below:

  1. Click the resource you want to download.
  2. Select the option to open, rather than save.
  3. If the file opens a normal folder window, then right-click in any empty white space in this new window and select "Extract All...".
  4. ~~otherwise~~
  5. If the file opens in a WinZip or WinRAR window, then click on the single folder inside to highlight it, and click the "Extract" or "Extract To" button on the program's toolbar.
  6. Follow onscreen instructions to select a suitable place on your on your computer to save the folder and click "OK" to save the resource folder.
  7. There will now be a new folder with a name such as "Rough Guide to the History of Wildlife Filmmaking" on your computer. You are now ready to open the Microsoft PowerPoint file from here.
key events heading
1882: Muybridge's Horse in Motion
1907: Oliver Pike's In Birdland
1910: Early time-lapse study
1942: Hass uses pioneering diving equipment
1955: Look premieres on the BBC
1960: Countryman airs on Anglia TV
1963: BBC's first colour wildlife film
1979: Life on Earth premieres
1988: First live underwater broadcast